Mc Neese Design believes that even a “simple logo” can create an emotional connection, that the smallest of businesses deserve design that reflects their brand and above all else that good design can change the world. So, whether you are a business looking for unique packaging or a movement looking to spread a message, let’s work together to design something kickass that will turn heads. 


What the hell does an owl with an eyepatch have to do with design? Nothing. What I failed to mention above is that I’m also pretty well known for my clumsiness.  When people tell me to “be careful” they’re not being courteous, they’ve seen me in action. I’ve had some injuries from some of my finer moments of grace, including the loss of an eye.  So, the owl with the eyepatch, it represents me wise and lacking an eye. Don’t feel like a jerk for wondering, a pirate was too obvious how were you to know? 


I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it’s where I still reside with my husband and our menagerie of furry and not-so furry beasts.  I’m known for my self-deprecating humor, drinking what others describe as an unhealthy amount of coffee, an expansive knowledge of both the Harry Potter and Disney Universes and what may be considered as a mild Taylor Swift obsession.  If I could describe my happy place it would be Walt Disney World; if I could describe my second happiest place it would be in the lovely office space my husband helped me create, surrounded by mess, dancing to Taylor Swift blasting on repeat (mild obsession), and creating something.  I really love to create packaging that’s unique and unexpected and often those in my life receive gifts in handmade packages. Whether working with something tangible like packaging and jewelry or digital like design and photography I just fucking love to create. 

Whether you’re looking to design branding for your business, packaging for your shop, or a poster for your cause I want to design the very best for you. Reach out to me today to talk about what you’re looking to have designed.