Class Project 2019-2020

What started out as a semester long project focused on the impact the beauty industry has on the environment quickly became quite the passion project.  The original plan was to create a mock website that allowed visitors to find out the environmental impact of a particular beauty product.  Before I knew it, my simple mock website was a logo and fully fledged site ( where you can look up individual ingredients and their impact on the environment, what those scientific words and ingredients mean, find out the ugly truth about recycling or leave reviews on products they’re using.  Later classes saw me going back to Conscious Beauty to highlight the simplicity of easy to read packaging and ingredients list.  I designed packaging for two different imaginary products, each is easy to read without all that scientific bullshit no one understands and the formulas listed on the packages are  formulas for those types of products that would actually work and are made without all the chemicals. 

Logo Featuring Natural Elements


Clear menus guide you through the site, allowing you to easily find the info you’re looking for.

Visitors are able to look up those complex ingredients in an A-Z menu, or search them by name.  Hover over an item on the list and you’ll get a simple breakdown of the ingredient.  For more information on an ingredient you may visit it’s individual page. 

Visitors can learn more about complex issues like recycling, and sustainability or read and leave reviews on products.